Downtown Artist’s Loft

A Home Art Gallery in the West Village, NYC


A Photographer's Stylish Showplace

A truly fantastic space to design, this loft is very large, gets wonderful light throughout the day, and is occupied by a wonderful photographer whose work is shown in large scale prints throughout the space. These images change frequently, and their display was to be a primary focus of the overall design.

We chose a neutral color for the walls, and selected furnishings and accessories that did not draw too much attention away from the artwork, but subtly enhanced it.  The owner entertains frequently, and an eye was given to create a large open space where many guests can enjoy themselves.

The Dining Room Looks its best at night. Sunset views are framed by beautiful photographs, accentuated by specially chosen dimmable ceiling-mounted light fixtures. The centerpiece is a fabulous hand-made glass 14-sphere chandelier, which hangs proudly over the Dining Table.

The owner of this loft is quite passionate about his cuisine, so the importance of the kitchen cannot be understated. The layout is open-concept, functions extremely well, and the persons cooking have an uninterrupted view into the Dining and Living Rooms. Prominently featured on the main wall is 5-foot long print by Edward Burtynski.

The loft has hosted everyone from artists, entertainers, clients, but most importantly: family and good friends.