Park Avenue Apartment

Bright and Elegant on the Famous Boulevard

"I just ADORE a Penthouse View..."

The wonderful couple who moved in this sunny and beautiful new space fell in love. They could walk to work, eat at their choice of dozens of restaurants within walking distance, and easily escape the city for a weekend away.

When choosing furnishings, we wanted to keep things light and bright, with a splash of drama - but keep it elegant. The off-white seating pairs perfectly with dark navy blue chairs and oversized ottoman in the Living/Dining Room. We didn't want anything too tall to block the corner views!

The bedrooms feature comfortable, but very upscale furniture (which took a while to get during the pandemic, but it was worth the wait!) Metallic accents add a beautiful gleam when the sun hits just right.

Everything was chosen at a large scale, so we picked our pieces wisely as to not over-stuff the apartment  - we wanted it to keep looking as large as it is!

The apartment has views of Park Avenue, the Empire State Building, and Grand Central Terminal. The couple loves their New York residence, and take advantage of all that the location has to offer!