Listen to what some of our clients have said about Joe's work...

Joe Cangelosi Grand Army Plaza Arch

“When I first sat down to discuss my home design project with Joe, he steered me away from discussing specific choices, but rather asked me to give him a few words describing the feeling of what I wanted my home to evoke.
Far from imposing his own aesthetic choices,
he went one step further and was able to see past what I said I wanted to find, and provided something that actually responded to what I was seeking.
Through this process we went away from choices I was inclined to make on my own,
and instead found options that were in fact
a much better realization of what I aspired my home to be.
To me that’s the very luxury of having a designer’s help.
Moreover, throughout the process he found many ways to save money and stay within the fairly tight budget I was proposing.
He suggested a new arrangement for my existing living room furniture – which both opened up my space, and made it much more inviting.
In the kitchen, an all important room to me,
he found a new color scheme and hardware for my existing doors and cabinets, which had the effect of giving me a brand new kitchen
at a fraction of the cost of ordering new cabinetry.
For the few pieces where we did splurge, like a chandelier over the dining room table,
he found pieces that somehow both stand out, yet fit perfectly within the overall design of my space.
My home feels bigger and lighter –
so much so that my friends can’t believe I didn’t have any structural work done.
More importantly, Joe’s calm demeanor took what could have been a stressful experience
and turned it into an enjoyable one.
He has even become a close friend through this process."
-Matthew Pillsbury
Greenwich Village, NYC

“Joe was a tremendous help when my husband and I bought our first home this past summer.
He was able to translate and edit my ideas into realistic design concepts, and eliminated all of the “heavy lifting" of the design
process, and being pregnant with twins at the time, I truly appreciated that.
In addition to his tremendous aesthetic talents, he offered practical solutions to space and child-proofing issues.
Most importantly, Joe has the patience of a Saint!
I can't thank him enough!"
-Michelle McCorkle
Manalapan, NJ
Jow Cangelosi Purple Hat
“One of the best decisions we made when wanting to renovate our newly purchased apartment was to hire Joe Cangelosi Design. Beyond being top notch in all the ways you’d want a design company to be – highly responsive, always on time, incredibly knowledgeable with terrific resources and relationships in the industry – Joe was an absolute delight to work with. He’s a great listener, and deeply cares about and loves what he does. His passion is effervescent. And he’s able to genuinely get along and enjoy every personality involved. His people and communication skills come in handy with the process of renovating a home, which can often stir up varying levels of tensions and other emotions for the homeowners. I highly, highly recommend him. We truly loved our time creating our home with Joe’s assistance. Lots of joy and laughs in a process that can be overwhelming and challenging. Our apartment is more than I could have ever hoped for, and so was the creative process of making it, much thanks to Joe."
-Margaret Curry
Riverdale, NY
“Joe is great!
I worked with Joe to pick out colors and items
that would best accentuate my apartment’s hardwood floors and furniture.
Joe’s knowledge and expertise enabled me to accomplish my goals of a modern, yet “homey” feel.
I was so pleased with his suggestions,
and I would recommend Joe to all my family and friends!"
-Shawna Early
West Village, NYC
“From start to finish, Joe treated our office suite decor/refurbishment as if it was his own! He listened to our needs,  and his suggestions were on point! He starts a job and follows through until the job is finished and you are completely satisfied! He works extremely well with vendors and handles each stage of the job, as well as any issues that may arise – and he even followed up weeks later to make sure we were satisfied. Personalized and knowledgeable service at its best! He has a patient and calming demeanor, mixed with humor and laughter, that puts you at ease so you can go about your business knowing he has everything under control! We would HIGHLY recommend Joe Cangelosi Design!"
-Gottlieb & Janey, LLP
New York
“When I purchased a condo several years ago, Joe was the perfect person to turn to in order to create a welcoming environment from the blank canvas I would have described my apartment as being. He pulled together a color palette that was an exact
match to my personality and created a warm space with seamless transitions from one functional unit to another in my large living/dining room. I am not well versed in design concepts, and Joe proved to be quite the expert, educating me in how the smallest details could make an impressive impact on the overall design of your space.
I highly recommend Joe’s work. Let him create a unique, inviting space in your home!
-Nicole Cavaliere
New York
“Joe is amazing at what he does.
I was going through a rough time, and found myself having to move into a new apartment somewhat suddenly.
I immediately called Joe for advice and to get a firmer grasp of what the next steps should be towards decorating and setting up my space.
I was virtually clueless.
Joe took it one step further. Not only did he give me advice, but he came to see the space with me, in order to get ideas of where to go and what I could afford.
Then he took it one step further than that! He showed up on the day I moved in!!
We made lists, he picked paint colors, he did research to see what the best pieces of furniture would be to fit my space.
He even put together the bookcases for me once they arrived! I will never forget that.
The outcome was beautiful. I love where I live. It's home. I owe it to him. He took a very hard time and made it exciting and comfortable.
Anybody would be a fool not to hire Joe.
He has an eye, a heart and the knowledge and skill to back it all up.
I am eternally grateful."
-Scott Davis
Harlem, NYC
“Simply the Best. I knew Joe had qualities of being a hard worker, authentic, and trustworthy. What I didn't know is that in addition to all of those qualities, he is a fantastic designer. Our project was outside the city, and we had some time pressures in making design decisions. Joe was always forth right help us make tangible our vision and offered creative solutions and brought to the project a beautiful outcome. He also acted as our project manager and without him managing the details I am confident to say the project would not be done today. I can't recommend him highly enough if you are thinking about doing a project for your home. Joe's expertise, commitment to the project and excellent work ethic were critical to making our renovation project wonderful!"
-Laura Woodard
New York

Joe Cangelosi Black and White Fresco

“We worked with Joe to design and oversee installation of custom built-in cabinetry in our Manhattan apartment. Joe was incredibly collaborative, knowledgeable, responsive, and helpful throughout the process. He took care of all the details from beginning to end and went above and beyond our expectations. He went out of his way to guarantee the stressful experience of renovating a home was as seamless as possible. I cannot overstate how grateful we are to have worked with Joe. He is creative, professional, able to quickly problem-solve, and always does so with a smile on his face. We will definitely work with him in the future and we would enthusiastically recommend Joe for any design needs you may have."
-Daniel Adams
Upper East Side, NYC
“When my husband and I recently moved into our apartment in Manhattan,
we were thrilled to have Joe and his excellent decorating eye to help.
His creativity and suggestions led us in a direction where the end result not only honors beauty and style, but completely honors who we are as individuals.
He encourages you to be bold and pick things you like, and has a great knack for helping you decipher exactly what that is.
The patience and care Joe takes in his work is unmatched.
No matter where the future finds us, from another apartment in Manhattan to a house in California, we will forever turn to Joe for his guidance."
-Amanda Shy & Matthew McCurdy
Upper East Side, NYC
“Joe is great. He is a fabulous designer. I’ve done three projects with him now, and he consistently comes up with ideas that reflect my personality, taste and budget. He always is exquisitely professional: He arrives on time for our appointments (and sends me reminders!). He is prepared to discuss whatever the agenda of the meeting calls for. He is scrupulous about keeping track of billing. On the one occasion there was a glitch in my order (by the vendor, not Joe), Joe resolved it quickly and without involving me! (Plus, he’s fun to work with). I recommend him highly."
-Stephanie Carvlin
TriBeCa, NYC
“Five years ago, when I took over as the General Manager of the Duplex Cabaret Theatre, my first priority was to change the whole culture of the room.
I knew I wanted to start from the ground up,
and that meant beginning with the basics, the overall Interior Design.
I had some ideas and a color scheme in mind,
but didn’t know how to go about realizing it.
I talked it over with Joe and he was able to verbalize what I was looking for, and then conceptualize it with his style and flair.
When it came time to do the job,
Joe rolled up his sleeves and took the lead in the actual manual work, not resting until the room was finished.
From beginning to end, he brought humor and joy to the project,  and the finished room reflects warmth and style… Exactly what I was looking for.
Five years later, we still get compliments on how good the room looks and what a welcoming atmosphere we have created."
-Thomas Honeck
West Village, NYC
Joe Cangelosi Bethesda Fountain
“Working with Joe is not just about starting and finishing a project, it’s all about having fun seeing our ideas come to life! His patience, vision, awesome taste and practicality, and most of all, highest professionalism keeps me coming back to him project after project for over 15 years!"
-Anna Levin
Brooklyn, NY
“Joe is a 10/10.
I would never do a job without him!"
-Erika Wasser
New York City, East Hampton, Miami, LA