Every person is different. Every home is different. So... every project is different!

It's about flexibility.

We are uniquely able to work on a variety of projects, large and small, depending on what needs to get done.

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Think of this as “Home Couture!” When you want to change the layout of your space by moving or demolishing walls, or any time that an Architect or special permits are called for, this is the category for you. We are with you every step of the way: from creating new plans, choosing the right colors, materials and finishes, managing contractors and purchasing all the new furniture, lighting, accessories and artwork for your space. A Design that is truly tailor-made to suit your needs, right down to the last detail!



If the layout of your space works well within existing walls, and you are looking for a fresh new look that is catered to your unique style: new colors, furniture, lighting, accessories and artwork, this is a great way to achieve the new and fantastic décor that you and your home deserve! We will also find the best furniture placement, supervise contractors and workers, and transform your home into one you will enjoy for years to come.



Find the idea of hiring a Designer for your whole home a bit daunting? When you want a fresh perspective on your space, a Design Consultation could be just what the doctor ordered! You can receive help with decisions on color, furniture choices and placement, and get some great new ideas for your space. How about spending a few afternoons shopping with someone who has a trained eye? We work hand-in-hand on the items that you need help with. You get the benefit of Professional Design Service without the long-term commitment!



Let's say you need a little bit of help with style, color and furnishings. If you generally know what types of things you like, and just need some help making decisions for a few hours, this is the perfect fit for you! You'll receive some great ideas for your home that you can implement when YOU want. You can bring images of the pieces you want to purchase, and we can select which ones would work best in your home. We can also re-arrange a room, coordinate new furnishings and colors with each other, and improve the overall functionality of your space. This service is really great if you're on a budget… it’s like renting a Designer for a few hours, only when you need him!



Focusing on re-decorating one room can be a lot of fun, and is a great way to ease into the design process. If you’re over the décor in your Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room or Den and can best describe its look as “dated” let’s make-over one room in your home and make it into your favorite!