DED Gaming

Port Chester, New York

Electronic Gaming and Board Game Center

Who doesn't want to have some FUN?

This multi-leveled space contains tons of individual computer stations to play all of your favorite games with friends next to you, or around the world! There's even plenty of room for a tournament upstairs, or a private party in the VIP area.

Bold, fun colors abound throughout the space which is accented with posters and action figures from the most popular video games of the moment, as well as all the classics. We included plenty of neon signs for even more color and ambience.

If video games aren't your thing, you can reserve a table with a bunch of friends to play one of the dozens of board games available.

Bar seating is plentiful for those in pairs of two, or to meet someone who might want to share a game. Colorful lighting, a great sound system, and a spirit of fun can be found in every corner of this unique and exciting space that has customers of all ages returning for more!